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Les Astroparticules à Queen's - Personnel

(in english)

[Certaines parties du site n’ont pas encore été traduites en français. Nous vous présentons toutes nos excuses.]

David Bearse

David Bearse (contacter)

David has recently joined the group to help with the mechanical design and manufacture of equipment. He graduated with a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Queen's in 1970. After working for several years with Dow Chemical and DuPont he changed career paths and joined the family jewelry business here in Kingston. After retiring in 2004 he found that "Freedom 55" is not all that it is made out to be. With us, he has helped design a few components for the SNO calibration system, and is currently working on equipment components for DEAP.

Maizie Dafoe

(contacter) Maizie Dafoe

Maizie is the group secretary.

Slav Florian

Slav Florian (contact)

Slav is a professional engineer who came to Kingston in 1970 from the former Czechoslovakia, and with the exception of a two-year teaching post at the SUNY he remains an enthusiastic Kingstonian (and loving it). A 1974 B.Sc. graduate of the Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Queen's, he cut his engineering teeth designing, developing and commissioning Rapid Transit Systems like the Vancouver Skytrain. After a successful twelve-year struggle as an independent Design Engineering and Project Management consultant he enjoyed working on the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell development at Kingston's Fuel Cell Technologies. Slav's first encounter with the Queen's Particle Astrophysics dates back to 1994, when as an engineering consultant he designed the Calibration Tubes for SNO. To prove that you are never too old to learn, or are to stubborn to know better, focusing on Design, Mechanics of Solids and Manufacturing, in 2005 he graduated with M.Eng. from Queen's. Slav currently shares his engineering time between the DEAP 3600 and SNO+ projects.

Rob Gagnon

(contact) Rob Gagnon

Rob joined the SNO Group in April 2007 as a Research Technologist after working in the metal design/fabrication and the construction sectors of industry. Rob is helping to design, build and maintain experiments and equipment apparatus for the SNO group, and currently is involved with DEAP 1 and DEAP 3600.

Steve Gillen

Steve Gillen (contacter)

Steve is an electronics design and computer systems specialist. Hailing from Windsor he moved to Kingston in 1992 to join Queen's Physics. His father claims to have recognized Steve's talents when, at the age of 4, he removed the hinge pins from the garden gate to escape the backyard. What career that would be useful in was never discussed. He has worked on the SNO project for the last few years, and is available as a resource for future projects.

Phil Harvey

(contacter) Phil Harvey

Phil graduated with an M.Sc (Eng) from Queen's in 1987, and aside from a 2-year venture into the real world working on sonar data acquisition and image processing systems, he has been here in the physics department since graduation. (Perhaps he stays because of Kingston's exceptional windsurfing conditions and the flexible work hours afforded by the group.) He is a programmer with areas of expertise in data acquisition, image display, and web site hosting. He was involved in all aspects of the data acquisition system for the SNO detector, and created the SNO Event Display software. Currently he is the group software coordinator and maintains this and the SNO web sites.

Chuck Hearns

Chuck Hearns (contacter)

During Chuck's many years with SNO he has designed and built a large number of components for the SNO detector. Recently, Chuck has been placed in charge of the student machine shop and neutron source, although he is still available as a valuable resource for the Astro-Particle group.

Peter Skensved

(contacter) Peter Skensved

Peter has a PhD from the University of Aarhus in Denmark, and has been with group since 1976. He writes analysis software and maintains many of the computer systems for the group, and is always eager to engage in a lively debate. Currently he is working on DEAP data aquisition, SNO+ design, and SNO analysis and decommissioning.

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