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Les Astroparticules à Queen's - Etudiants

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Students have a critical role and often find themselves at the center of the most important collaboration activities. A large collaborative experiment is a collection of hundreds of smaller experiments, with a common physics goal and central organization. Those small experiments need to be done by a few people, and are not too different from experiments done in smaller in-house facilities. Students concerned about this should read through the past graduate student thesis topics listed at the end of this section.

Joseph Fox

Joseph Fox (contact)

I am currently working on the pulse shape discrimination of liquid scintillators at cryogenic temperatures to be used as a background radiation detector in the CDMS experiment. On my spare time I like to investigate cold fusion, perpetual motion and communication through 11 dimensions using gravitons.

John Golightly

(contact) John Golightly

I'm building a carbon filter to remove radon from the air. This process is necessary because when radon decays it produces alpha particles which can interfere with measurements. In the process I have also created computer simulations of both a prototype and a functioning radon detector. These detectors will be used to find the efficiency of my radon filters. When radon decays, the daughter produced is 218Po. A fraction of these have a positive charge. The radon detectors will also be used to find this fraction.

Cecilia Levy

Cecilia Levy (contact)

I am currently working on the amplitude analysis for PICASSO. I am trying to study the evolution of our signals' amplitudes with time and temperature in the hope to have a systematic way to determine an optimal threshold for each channel in each detector. I am also working on the gamma calibration of the detectors.

Shuo Liu

(contact) Shuo Liu

I was born in China, living there till finished my undergraduate study. I am now working for CDMS, participating design and construction of detectors. In the future, data analysis will also be part of my work.

Xu Liu

Xu Liu (contact)

Hi, my name is Xu Liu (Shirley). I come from China. I am currrently working on SNO+ for my master's degree. My work here is construction and simulation of the bucket scintillator source and do shifts sometimes in Sudbury.

Ryan MacLellan

(contact) Ryan MacLellan

Ryan is a SNO student who has worked extensively on reconstructing the energy of events that are recorded by the detector. He is also working on an analysis that will combine the data from the first two phases of the SNO experiment in order to extract more precise information about solar neutrino oscillations.

Ryan Martin

Ryan Martin (home page, contact)

I am currently working on the NCD (neutral current detector) analysis for SNO. Our present approach is to use PSA (pulse shape analysis) combined with an energy fit. I have also done some work on modeling electron avalanches in the NCDs in order to understand space charge.

Eoin O'Dwyer

(contact) Eoin O'Dwyer

I'm a masters student currently working with DEAP. My research concerns the detection and reduction of radon levels in the components of the DEAP detector in order to minimize the background produced.

Erin O'Sullivan

Erin O'Sullivan (contact)

I just started my Master's degree with the SNO+ group. I am currently doing scintillator characterization studies with Neodymium doped linear alkylbenzene. SNO+ is a unique mix of physics and chemistry and looks like it will make for an interesting graduate project!

Paradorn Pasuthip

(contact) Paradorn Pasuthip

Hi, my name is Paradorn Pasuthip. I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, where it was a lot warmer. The SNO group is such a great place. I am currently working on the Neutral Current Detectors' shadows in SNO, and construction and calibration of DEAP.

Tina Pollman

Tina Pollman (contact)

I'm an international student from Germany and just started work for my PhD withthe DEAP experiment. I have been working on a model to describe the distribution of the "fast to total" discrimination parameter and its energy dependence as we see it in the data. On the hardware side, I will be building a test setup to study the signals that alpha particles impinging on the wavelength shifter cause in the detector.

Alex Wright

(home page, contact) Alex Wright

I am working on neutrino physics with the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) and SNO+ projects.

My work on the NCD phase of SNO is centered around developing a method to distinguish the signals produced in the NCDs by neutrons from those produced by alpha particles released during the decay of the trace levels of radioisotopes in the counter walls.

My work with SNO+ has involved the creation of a Monte Carlo computer simulation of the experiment (based on an existing simulation that was created for SNO).


Past Thesis Topics

Projects that students at Queen's have completed as Master's or PhD theses include:

"Numerical Methods and Approximations for the Calculation of Solar Neutrino Fluxes in Three Flavours Focused on Results for the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory"
Ryan Martin, M.Sc, 2006 - download in PDF format (14MB)
"Injection of a Uniform 24Na Radioactive Source into the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
Chris Howard, M.Sc, 2006 - download in PDF format (18MB)
"The 222Rn Spike Source Calibration of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory Detector"
Marcus Thomson, M.Sc, 2004
"A Study of Relative Efficiencies of Photomultiplier Tubes in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory"
Christian Ouellet, M.Sc, 2003 - download in PDF format (8MB)
"The Day/Night Effect in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory"
Bryan Fulsom, M.Sc, 2003
"Direct Evidence for Weak Flavour Mixing with The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory"
Mark Boulay, Ph.D, 2001 - download in gzipped postscript format (1MB)
"The Optical Calibration of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory"
Bryce Moffat, Ph.D, 2001 - download in gzipped postscript format (14MB)
"Cryogenic Dark Matter Detectors"
Lorne Erhardt, Ph.D, 2001
"The Electron-Scattering Reaction in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory"
Chris Jillings, Ph.D, 1999 - download in gzipped postscript format (750kB)
"Energy Calibration of SNO for Measurement of the Charged-Current Neutrino Reaction"
Andre Hamer, Ph.D, 1999 - download in gzipped postscript format (1MB)
"Study of the Cavity Wall Background in the SNO Detector"
Matthieu Dayon, M.Sc, 1999 - download in gzipped postscript format (800kB)
"An Analysis of Large Pulse Events in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory Photo-multiplier Tubes"
Ed Korpach, M.Sc, 1999 - download in gzipped postscript format (1.2MB)
"A Device and Procedure for testing the PMT positions in the SNO detector"
Keith Rose, M.Sc, 1999
"Calibration of SNO for the Detection of 8B Neutrinos"
Richard Ford, Ph.D, 1998 - download in gzipped postscript format (2.5MB)
"An Examination of the PMT β-γ Background in the SNO Detector"
Dean Haslip, M.Sc, 1996
"The α-Induced Thick-Target γ-Ray Yield from Light Elements"
Robert Heaton, Ph.D, 1994
"A Cryogenic Radon Detector for the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory"
Andre Hamer, M.Sc, 1994
"A high energy gamma-ray source for calibration of SNO"
Lorne Erhardt, M.Sc, 1994
"High flow rate degasser for removing radon for the SNO project"
S. Noel, M.Sc, 1994
"Nitrogen/Dye laser system for the optical calibration of SNO"
Richard Ford, M.Sc, 1993
"Simulation of a 3He (n,γ) calibration source for SNO"
Victor Uras, M.Sc, 1993
"Measurement of 3He (n,γ) cross-section for En = 0.14-2.0 MeV"
Robert Komar, Ph.D, 1992 - download in gzipped postscript format (1MB)
"Background Measurements using a NaI(Tl) Detector"
Jeffrey Thiessen, M.Sc, 1992
"A photomultiplier tube evaluation system for the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory"
Chris Jillings, M.Sc, 1992
"Study of vacuum degassing for SNO water system"
X. Zhu, M.Sc, 1992
"222Rn Emanation into vacuum"
Manquing Liu, M.Sc, 1991
"Evaluation of Large Photo-Multiplier Tubes for the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory"
Randy MacLeod, M.Sc, 1990
"Neutron Shielding Calculations for the SNO Detector"
Robert Heaton, M.Sc, 1988
"Characterization of the Hamamatsu R1449 Photomultiplier Tube"
Robert Komar, M.Sc, 1987

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