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Queen's Particle Astrophysics - Staff

Koby Dering

Koby Dering (contact)

I am a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario, and obtained a B.Sc.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering at Queen's University. Working in close collaboration with scientists and technical staff, I bring a wealth of experience in design, fabrication, and installation of custom components and infrastructure required for sensitive particle detectors at SNOLAB. I was responsible for many components of the DEAP-3600 detector, from the conceptual phase through to commissioning of the experiment, and I am currently providing engineering support for numerous experiments at SNOLAB, including NEWS- G, CUTE, PICO-40L, and SNO+.

Julie McDonald

(contact) Julie McDonald

I started as the Research Administrator for Dr.Gerbier in July 2015. Previously, I was Laboratory Manager of the Analytical Sciences Group at the Royal Military College of Canada.

Carolyne Neron

Carolyne Neron

As the Project Manager for NEWS-G, my main role is to provide assistance to the team in the planning, estimating and execution of the experiment at SNOLAB. I also provide construction management services for the CUTE experiment.

Philippe Gros

Philippe Gros

I joined the NEWS-G experiment in October 2017. I have worked on gaseous detectors for detection of hadrons, electrons and photons in Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Japan and France. I am now happy to put the technology to the test of dark matter search in Canada.

Rob Gagnon

Rob Gagnon (contact)

Rob joined the SNO Group in April 2007 as a Research Technologist after working in the metal design/fabrication and the construction sectors of industry. Having a education in Mechanical Engineering, Rob is helping to design, build and maintain experiments and equipment apparatus for the SNO group, and currently is involved with DEAP 3600 and SNO+.

Anouchka Ronceray

Anouchka Ronceray

I joined Dr. Gilles Gerbier's team in October 2016 as an administrative assistant.

Phil Harvey

Phil Harvey (contact)

Phil graduated with an M.Sc (Eng) from Queen's in 1987, and aside from a 2-year venture into the real world working on sonar data acquisition and image processing systems, he has been here in the physics department since graduation. (Perhaps he stays because of Kingston's exceptional windsurfing conditions and the flexible work hours afforded by the group.) He is a programmer with areas of expertise in data acquisition, image display, and web site hosting. He was involved in all aspects of the data acquisition system for the SNO detector, and created the SNO Event Display software. Currently he is the group software coordinator and maintains this and the SNO web sites, as well as getting his fingers into aspects of DEAP and SNO+.

Chuck Hearns

(contact) Chuck Hearns

During Chuck's many years with SNO he has designed and built a large number of components for the SNO detector. Recently, Chuck has been placed in charge of the student machine shop and neutron source, although he is still available as a valuable resource for the Astro-Particle group.

Peter Skensved

Peter Skensved (contact)

Winner of a 2012 staff recognition award, Peter has a PhD from the University of Aarhus in Denmark and has been with group since 1976. iHe is a Senior Research Scientist and Adjunct Professor an Queen's. He writes analysis software and maintains many of the computer systems for the group, and is always eager to engage in a lively debate. Currently he is working on DEAP data analysis, SNO+ calibrations and data analysis,and DarkSide-20K data acquisition and calibration.

Jacob Morrison

Jacob Morrison

I am a recent Queen's Engineering graduate, having completed my Bachelor of Applied Science degree in April, 2017. I am currently working with NEWS-G to streamline the electronics and data acquisition software incorporated in the group's spherical gaseous dark matter detectors with the goal of developing a compact detector for various outreach purposes.

Sean Crawford

Sean Crawford

I recently graduated from Queen's University with a B.A.Sc in Engineering Physics, focusing on my area of interest in nuclear physics. After spending summers as a student researcher for the NEWS-G group, I joined the NEWS-G and CUTE groups full-time after graduation to work towards my Professional Engineer designation.

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