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The following SNO Technical Reports (STRs) were written during the construction and operation of SNO. As the information contained in these STRs may be of interest to others we have made these reports available. Use of any of this information should be acknowledged. The reader should note, though, that these reports have not been refereed and may be out of date or contain errors.

Year                  Categories
- Acrylic Vessel
- Calibration
- Concentrators
- Construction
- Data Acquisition
- Electronics
- Management
- Neutral Current Detectors
- Photo-Multiplier Tubes
- Phototube Support
- Radioactivity
- Simulations
- Software
- Water


Cal SNO-STR-91-005 Cancellation of the Earth's Magnetic Field
H. Lee, H.-B. Mak and H.C. Evans Feb. 13 (facilities, 12 coil configuration, specifications, power supplies) comments received, edited, approved by Robertson

Cal SNO-STR-91-017 Calibration - aims and implementation
J.R. Leslie Feb. 20 (calibration, calibration aims, optical sensitivity, neutron capture sources, direct alpha capture sources, optical pulser, work in progress, deck and clean room design, access to light water region) draft for comments, not refereed

Cal SNO-STR-91-033 Calibration Sources of Cerenkov Radiation
R.J. Boardman, M.D. Lay, N.W. Tanner, D.L. Wark April 21, 1991

Cal SNO-STR-91-078 Measurements of Li foil in the test proportional counter
C. Hargrove and D Kessler Dec. 6

Cal SNO-STR-92-031 Current status of 90Sr Cerenkov calibration sources for SNO
R. Boardman May 7

Cal SNO-STR-92-032 Neutron free gamma ray calibration sources
W. Frati, H. Leslie, B. Robertson, H. Robertson and J. Wilhelmy May 11

Cal SNO-STR-92-039 Calibration and the D2O cover gas
H. Lee, B. Sur, X. Xhu and A. McDonald May 25

Cal SNO-STR-92-065 Background gamma-rays from calibration source stored above the detector
I. Stairs, P. Skensved and B. Robertson Sept. 16

Cal SNO-STR-92-072 Neutron production in SNO due to calibration techniques
J.R. Leslie Oct. 2

Cal SNO-STR-92-094 Calibration and neutral-current detectors
P. Doe, R.G.H. Robertson and J. Wilhelmy Nov. 24

Cal SNO-STR-93-008 Blocking the betas in the 16N source
W. Frati March 24

Cal SNO-STR-93-014 Calibration source deployment inside the acrylic vessel
P. Doe, R.G.H. Robertson and J. Wilkerson March 18

Cal SNO-STR-93-015 Neutral current detector response and calibration
J.B. Wilkerson April 5

Cal SNO-STR-93-031 A preliminary proposal for using a gas-capillary transport system for SNO calibration sources
B. Sur, E.D. Earle, E. Bonvin, R. Deal and E. Gaudet

Cal SNO-STR-93-041 16N: a calibration source for SNO (U)
B. Sur, E.D. Earle, E. Gaudette and R. Deal Aug

Cal SNO-STR-94-004 Calibration and neutral-current detectors II
P.J. Doe, A. Hime, R.G.H. Robertson and J.B. Wilhelmy Feb. 5

Cal SNO-STR-94-006 Calibration of the SNO PMTs through the NCD array (U)
S. Walston Feb 21

Cal SNO-STR-94-037 17N: a tagged neutron source for SNO
E.B. Norman and B. Sur Sept.

Cal SNO-STR-94-054 Status of optically tagged neutron source development
M.M. Fowler, R. Gritzo and J.B. Wilhelmy Nov. 17

Cal SNO-STR-95-030 DT neutron source shielding
G.B. Wilkin March

Cal SNO-STR-95-031 Safety report for a nonmedical accelerator facility at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
B. Sur and E.D. Earle

Cal SNO-STR-95-032 Testing a neutron-activated NaI detector as a low energy calibration device for SNO
E.B. Norman, I. Zlimen and R.M. Larimer May 95

Cal SNO-STR-95-052 SNO calibration source optimization
K. Murnaghan Aug. 28

Cal SNO-STR-95-053 Gas transport calibration system for SNO: a preliminary design document
B. Sur and E.D. Earle

Cal SNO-STR-95-054 8Li: A beta calibration source for SNO
B. Sur, E.D. Earle, R. Deal and E. Gaudette

Cal SNO-STR-96-026 SNO Source Manipulator Control Code
T. Radcliffe March

Cal SNO-STR-96-027 A Hardware Control Class Hierarchy
T. Radcliffe March

Cal SNO-STR-96-029 First Run of the SNO 8Li Calibration System
A. Hamer, G. Jonkmans, B. Sur, N. Tagg, R. Deal July

Cal SNO-STR-96-055 Fitting optical constants in SNO using a pulsed N2/Dye laser
R. Ford

Cal SNO-STR-96-056 The nitrogen/dye laser calibration source
R. Ford

Cal SNO-STR-97-015 N16 Construction Report
G. Jonkmans and D. Earle Feb 25

Cal SNO-STR-97-017 A study of a Cerenkov Photon Generator on the 16N Calibration Source During the Airfill
C. Okada

Cal SNO-STR-97-033 Targets for the N16 calibration source
A. Hamer and B. Sur

Cal SNO-STR-97-039 Testing a Neutron-Activated NaI Detector as a Low Energy Calibration Device for SNO: Part II
M.R. Dragowsky and E.B. Norman Oct. 27

Cal SNO-STR-97-043 16N and 8Li target chambers safety limits
G. Jonkmans

Cal SNO-STR-97-049 DT Generator Commissioning
B. Sur, A. Hamer, G. Jonkmans, J. Heise, H. Seifert, J. Hewett

Cal SNO-STR-97-052 A Proportional counter source to calibrate SNO backgrounds
F. Dalnoki-Veress and C.K. Hargrove Dec. 5


Cal SNO-STR-99-016 Preparation of acrylic encapsulated radioactive calibration sources for SNO
M. Fowler, J.B. Wilhelmy

Cal SNO-STR-99-018 Miscellaneous studies of 16N data
X. Chen

Cal SNO-STR-99-023 First Generation Acrylic Encapsulated U/Th Sources
S. Brice Oct. 6


Cal SNO-STR-2001-002 The strength of the strong Cf-source and the efficiency for detecting neutrons
J.J. Simpson

Cal SNO-STR-2001-007 Acrylic source data analyses
X. Chen

Cal SNO-STR-2001-009 Measurements of the 252Cf Acrylic Source Standard
M.R. Dragowsky, M.M. Fowler, A. Hime, G.G. Miller and J.B. Wilhelmy 21 August, 2001

Cal SNO-STR-2001-017 "Report on Measurements of the Electroplated Th Wire PCA in the PCS Source"
C.K. Hargrove, F. Dalnoki-Veress, M. Yeh, and D. Sinclair

Cal SNO-STR-2002-002 "Insertion of PCS in SNO"
C. K. Hargrove and F. Dalnoki-Veress

Cal SNO-STR-2002-003 "Summary of PCS Physics Motivations"
F. Dalnoki-Veress and C. K. Hargrove

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