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The following SNO Technical Reports (STRs) were written during the construction and operation of SNO. As the information contained in these STRs may be of interest to others we have made these reports available. Use of any of this information should be acknowledged. The reader should note, though, that these reports have not been refereed and may be out of date or contain errors.

Year                  Categories
- Acrylic Vessel
- Calibration
- Concentrators
- Construction
- Data Acquisition
- Electronics
- Management
- Neutral Current Detectors
- Photo-Multiplier Tubes
- Phototube Support
- Radioactivity
- Simulations
- Software
- Water

Sim SNO-STR-90-027 Summary of Monte Carlo Calculations presented at LANL
P. Skensved and B. Robertson, Feb 28

Sim SNO-STR-90-028 Miscellaneous effects
P. Skensved and B. Robertson, Feb 28

Sim SNO-STR-90-040 Should we examine an alternate design for SNO?
Simpson, Jagam, Law, April 1990

Sim SNO-STR-90-050 Simultaneous NC, ES, and CC detection using salt-filled bladder
R. Schubank, April 10

Sim SNO-STR-90-107 Initial studies of GEANT and comparisons with EGS
W. Frati, Sept 8

Sim SNO-STR-90-153 Study of systematics in extracting the CC, NC and ES signals
W. Frati, Oct 26

Sim SNO-STR-91-006 Extraction of data in SNO for various MSW Scenarios
P. Skensved and B.C. Robertson Feb. 13 (simulations, three delta m-square sin square theta scenarios and vacuum oscillations, response to internal and external background, nu-x to nu-e flux, acrylic neutron background) final version, not refereed

Sim SNO-STR-91-007 Backgrounds estimates for the PMT region
P. Skensved and B.C. Robertson Feb. 13 (simulations, support frame and PMT properties, glass and aluminum reflectors) final version, not refereed

Sim SNO-STR-91-019 Extraction of CC NC and ES signals -- II Acrylic radioactivity, Three Parameter Maximum Likelihood Analysis
W. Frati and E. Beier Feb 13 (simulations, maximum likelihood method, radial distributions, NPMT distributions, cos distributions, systematic studies, ten times acrylic radioactivity) preliminary draft

Sim SNO-STR-91-021 Accidental trigger rates - II Liquid Scintillator
W. Frati March 3 (simulations, tritium decay, liquid scintillator) final version, not refereed

Sim SNO-STR-91-022 Wavelength shifter or liquid scintillator in SNO: first pass
D. Wark March (neutral current, wavelength shifters, tritium accidental triggers, reconstruction of events, neutron losses, chemistry, cost) draft version, sent out for comments

Sim SNO-STR-91-024 Comparison of Input Parameters used for photon transport in the UCI and Queens Monte Carlos and the output of their algorithms
W. Frati, M. Lowry and P. Skensved May 23 (Monte carlo, comparison of three codes) Final version, not refereed

Sim SNO-STR-91-025 Extraction of CC NC and ES signals - III Multiyear three parameter maximum likelihood analysis
W. Frati and E. Beier June 1 (Monte Carlo, year 1, 2 and 3, acrylic with x10, x100 White book value) final version, not refereed

Sim SNO-STR-91-027 Data Extraction with 3He detectors
P. Skensved and B.C. Robertson June 19

Sim SNO-STR-91-028 Light water data extraction
P. Skensved and B. Robertson June final version, not refereed

Sim SNO-STR-91-047 Producing Cerenkov Photons from Low Energy Electrons with EGS4
M.D. Lay, D.L. Wark, R.J. Boardman June 18, 1991

Sim SNO-STR-91-056 Monte Carlo study of random PMT misalignment (U)
M.M. Lowry Aug. 9 (simulation, alignment distributions) draft version

Sim SNO-STR-91-073 Monte Carlo (U)
P. Skensved Dec. 5

Sim SNO-STR-92-002 Rope Background Implications
P. Skensved, B.C. Robertson and B. Frati Jan. 24 (Monte Carlo, rope background)

Sim SNO-STR-92-028 Report on probability of detecting photons generated behind PMTs
L.H. Yao, P. Skensved and H.B. Mak April 20

Sim SNO-STR-92-029 Gd Neutral Current Detector (Draft)
C. Hargrove and D. Paterson April 10

Sim SNO-STR-92-058 New Monte Carlo calculations for neutron detection in SNO
J.B. Wilhelmy July 7

Sim SNO-STR-92-066 Beta-gamma backgrounds from 212Bi, 228Ac and 234Pa in the heavy water and acrylic
I. Stairs, P. Skensved and B. Robertson Sept. 16

Sim SNO-STR-92-070 Tracking muons with EGS4
P. Skensved Oct. 2

Sim SNO-STR-92-075 20-200 MeV neutrinos in SNO and the MSW adiabatic region
P. Zenczykowski and J. Law Oct. 2

Sim SNO-STR-92-096 Backgrounds from the deck region
P. Skensved and B. Robertson Dec. 8

Sim SNO-STR-93-006 The use of chloral hydrate as a neutral current additive in the SNO experiment
M. Shatkay, C. Shewchuk, M. O'Neil and P. Wolf March 10

Sim SNO-STR-93-013 Enhancement of the photomultiplier detection of Cherenkov light from water using a fluorescent dye in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) detector
M. Moorhead, E. Bonvin, N. Tanner, D. Wark March

Sim SNO-STR-93-023 Fast neutrons from muon spallation in the SNO detector
T.J. Radcliffe May, 1993

Sim SNO-STR-93-043 Neutron production from 24Na
P. Skensved and B. Robertson May 6

Sim SNO-STR-93-060 Chlorine carriers
P. Trent Dec. 4

Sim SNO-STR-93-061 The liquid scintillator beta-alpha method
R.K. Taplin and M.E. Moorhead Dec. 2

Sim SNO-STR-94-002 Determination of background from beta-n coincidences
P. Skensved Jan. 14

Sim SNO-STR-94-005 Determination of uranium and thorium contamination in the D2O from the NPMT spectrum above 1.4 MeV
W. Frati Feb. 10

Sim SNO-STR-94-019 Pattern recognition for Event-type identification in the SNO detector
T.J. Radcliffe June 22

Sim SNO-STR-94-022 Flow patterns and spikes
B. Frati and C. Hargrove July 2

Sim SNO-STR-94-031 Event Fitting
T. Anderson Sept. 23

Sim SNO-STR-94-044 Event identification from PMT hit patterns
I. Blevis Oct.

Sim SNO-STR-94-050 Analytic calculation of the number of SNO PMT hits for monoenergetic electrons bourne at the centre of the SNO active volume
C.K. Hargrove and F. Dalnoki-Veress Oct. 28

Sim SNO-STR-95-002 Three methods for event-type identification in the SNO Detector
T. J. Radcliffe

Sim SNO-STR-95-007 Optics and geometry in the SNO detector
T.J. Radcliffe Feb. 2

Sim SNO-STR-95-009 EGS4 artifacts in the production of Cerenkov radiation
M. Lay Mar 1

Sim SNO-STR-95-037 An overview of the feedforward neutral network technique and its application to SNO event classification
S. Brice June

Sim SNO-STR-95-039 Changes to EGS4 since version 1.0
M. Lay Aug 11

Sim SNO-STR-95-040 The elastic fitter
S. Brice

Sim SNO-STR-95-042 Grid fitter for reducing tails in spatial distributions
M.E. Moorhead

Sim SNO-STR-95-066 Data analysis of ESC counting for Ra and Rn
J.X. Wang Dec. 7

Sim SNO-STR-95-067 The Effects of Electron Scattering on Cerenkov Light Output
R.J. Komar Feb

Sim SNO-STR-96-001 The results of neural network statistical event class analysis
S. Brice Jan. 10

Sim SNO-STR-96-003 A Monte Carlo study of beta-gamma backgrounds from Tl208 and Bi214 in SNO
X. Chen Jan. 24

Sim SNO-STR-96-004 Neural network and statistical study of the 208Tl and the 214Bi decay events in SNO
X. Chen Jan. 24

Sim SNO-STR-96-006 Effects of electron scattering on Cerenkov light output
M.G. Bowler

Sim SNO-STR-96-007 Angular distribution of Cerenkov light from electrons both produced and stopping in water
M.G. Bowler and M.D. Lay

Sim SNO-STR-96-032 Comparison of Snoman's Cherenkov Light Distribution to a Single Scattered Model
C.J. Jillings and T.J. Radcliffe.

Sim SNO-STR-96-058 The distribution of Cerenkov Light and its effect on the separation of different classes of event by pattern recognition
M.G.Bowler, X.Chen, N.A.Jelley and M.Thorman.

Sim SNO-STR-96-071 Neutron transport in the Sudbury Neutrino Detector
J. Lyon PhD thesis Oxford University

Sim SNO-STR-97-010 Energy Response of the SNO Detector in the Presence of the Neutral Current Detector Array
A.W.P. Poon, S.R. Elliott, and R.G.H. Robertson.

Sim SNO-STR-97-011 Simulations of SNO during an air fill or partial fill
S.D. Biller, M.E. Moorhead and D.L. Wark

Sim SNO-STR-97-021 Internal bremsstrahlung and SNO
M. Bowler

Sim SNO-STR-97-038 Multiple Hit Effect in the SNO Photomultipler Tube Array
A.W.P. Poon Oct. 27

Sim SNO-STR-98-002 Determination of the NC/CC shape during the pure D2O stage (Part II)
J.J. Simpson and J.-X. Wang

Sim SNO-STR-98-010 The Angular Resolution of SNO
C.J. Jillings April 30

Sim SNO-STR-98-014 Extraction of the Charged-Current Signal from the Angular Distribution
R.G.H. Robertson July 8

Sim SNO-STR-99-021 Investigation of Relative Channel Efficiencies
Bill Frati, Josh Klein, Richard van de Water and Peter Wittich

Sim SNO-STR-2000-007 ECA, PCA and LaserBall Reconstruction
P. Skensved April 20

Sim SNO-STR-2000-025 Contamination to CC/NC Separation by Radioactive Backgrounds
X. Chen

Sim SNO-STR-2000-026 Fitter Resolution and Systematic Errors
X. Chen

Sim SNO-STR-2000-029 The efficiency and lifetime of neutrons in the SNO detector
B.G. Nickel and J.J Simpson

Sim SNO-STR-2000-032 Use of the Angular Correlation function to identify background SNO events
W. Heintzelman

Sim SNO-STR-2001-001 Efficiency of neutron capture on D in pure D2O from sources in the AV and the H2O
J.J. Simpson and B.G. Nickel

Sim SNO-STR-2002-004 "CC/NC Separation Using Angular Information"
W. Heintzelman

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