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The following SNO Technical Reports (STRs) were written during the construction and operation of SNO. As the information contained in these STRs may be of interest to others we have made these reports available. Use of any of this information should be acknowledged. The reader should note, though, that these reports have not been refereed and may be out of date or contain errors.

Year                  Categories
- Acrylic Vessel
- Calibration
- Concentrators
- Construction
- Data Acquisition
- Electronics
- Management
- Neutral Current Detectors
- Photo-Multiplier Tubes
- Phototube Support
- Radioactivity
- Simulations
- Software
- Water

NCD SNO-STR-90-091 Measurements of helium permeation through glasses and plastic
T. Stephenson, Aug 23

NCD SNO-STR-90-092 Neutral current detection in diluted heavy water
J. Wilhelmy, Aug 23

NCD SNO-STR-90-095 Neutral Current detection development progress
M. Fowler, S. Larson, and J. Wilhelmy, Sept

NCD SNO-STR-90-099 Beads - an option for NC detection in SNO
H. Robertson, Sept.

NCD SNO-STR-90-104 Solar neutrino neutral current detection methods
CK Hargrove and DJ Paterson, Sept 13

NCD SNO-STR-90-105 Design of solid-scintillator based neutral current detector
CK Hargrove, D Kessler, and DJ Patterson

NCD SNO-STR-90-115 NaCl tubes and other options
D. Earle, Sept 11

NCD SNO-STR-91-026 Neutral Current detection on SNO - A position paper
R.G.H. Robertson June 6 (neutral current, signal and background, engineering compexity, coexistence with other stategies, recommendations)

NCD SNO-STR-91-037 Discrete NaCl Neutron Detectors in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
C.K. Hargrove, CRPP, D. Kessler, D. Paterson June, 1991

NCD SNO-STR-91-071 Electrorefining of Copper
R.G.H. Robertson Nov. 23, 1991

NCD SNO-STR-92-030 Calibration and neutral-current detectors
P. Doe, R.G.H. Robertson and J. Wilhelmy Feb 21

NCD SNO-STR-92-053 Forces associated with the deployment, operation and failure of the neutral current detectors
P. Doe July 20

NCD SNO-STR-92-085 A low-background test facility in the Morton Salt mine
P. Thornewell and H. Robertson Nov. 6

NCD SNO-STR-93-003 Leaching of nickel in seawater and in ultrapure water
E.B. Norman and R.M. Larimer Jan 12

NCD SNO-STR-93-032 A Gd proportional counter system for use as a neutral current detector in SNO
C.K. Hargrove, I. Blevis, D. Paterson and E.D. Earle Draft

NCD SNO-STR-93-054 Determination of Th and U in high purity Ni
G.G. Miller, J.A. Olivares and J.B. Wilhelmy Nov. 15

NCD SNO-STR-94-051 Neutral current detection with PVDC
J.B. Wilhelmy Oct. 28

NCD SNO-STR-94-053 Purification of 3He for use in SNO neutral current detectors
M.M. Fowler, J.B. Wilhelmy, J.L. Thompson, S. Maestas Nov. 17

NCD SNO-STR-94-057 PVC rods: a neutral current alternative to Cl-salt
J.J. Simpson Dec. 14

NCD SNO-STR-95-016 Anode wire constraints for 3He proportional counting in SNO
J.M. Wouters and A. Hime Mar 14



NCD SNO-STR-98-016 The Design of the SNO NCD Construction Hardware In-situ Monitoring Experiment (CHIME)
A.W.P. Poon, T. Burritt, C.A. Duba, S.R. Elliott, K.M. Heeger and R.G.H. Robertson

NCD SNO-STR-99-006 Tritium Contamination in the SNO Neutral Current Detectors
K. Heeger

NCD SNO-STR-99-022 Measurement of Alpha Particles on the Exterior Surface of the Neutral-Current Detectors in SNO
Dawn Erb and R.G.H. Robertson

NCD SNO-STR-99-037 Pressure Analysis for Neutral-Current Detectors
T.H. Burritt, J.E. Franklin, R.G.H. Robertson

NCD SNO-STR-2000-005 Aluminum Contamination of Nickel Tubes used in NCD Construction
Miles Smith

NCD SNO-STR-2000-010 The Tritium Spec for NCDs
Miles Smith



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